Online telemetry

Real time data processing

Near Real-time telemetry data collection system.
Development: 2010 - Now

Solution designed to support industrial companies with management and control of build, maintenance and run of distant production site.
Provides near real-time data collection, transfer and display on all levels of process. Provides wide range of monitoring, analysis, notification and management capabilities.

Distant industrial unit
- Data collector - Connected to sensors serving device and receive real-time sensors data, stores data in local database, provides connection to Data-center, transfers data to Sever. Has remote monitoring and management capabilities.
- Operator terminal - Display real-time information about technological process to engineers and operators, provide analytical, data flow, data integrity controls. Show technological process stages and decision support metrics.
- Surveillance streaming service - collect local surveillance cameras streams, transfer video to data-center.


- Server software - web services to accept external connection and database data exchange , services to perform scheduled data recalculations and data aggregation logic.
- Data storage - SQL Server data warehouse hosted on several physical servers.
- Messaging service - event notification system, supports e-mails, text messages, Telegram, Viber etc, push notifications.
-Video server - collect video streams from distant cameras. stream object video to web clients.

Client applications

- Administrative console - allows to manage severs and distant industrial units, user management, access control etc. Customers settings and data management.
- Windows client - click once application that allows clients to monitor all their objects in near real-time manner. Clients can see all aspects of technological process, data, engineer reports, current situation. Real-time KPI analysis. Object video monitoring.
- iOS/Android client - Mobile client to instantly see the current situation, key data parameters, object reports and video, receive notifications etc.
- WEB client - platform independent client.


Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft .NET 4.0, Web services, WCF Service, C#, HTML, J Script, SWIFT, JAVA, JIRA Agile, CI, CD.

Key facts:

Project start: Dec 2010
Production: Dec 2011
14 Tb of data collected
4200 production sites served.
86400 packets transmitted every day for every object.
150 objects for now and continuously grow


Team size: 7-10
SIT role: System architect, development, QA, data center setup and continuous management, tech support, server management, deployment.